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Jessie’s Bachelorette Party – Part II

“Hot damn, girl!” Katy let out a low whistle, and I gave a little twirl around. I was dressed to kill in a short, tight black dress straight from Rent the Runway. I had paired it with with spiked heels,

Jessie’s Bachelorette – Part I

“Mom! Dad!” I squealed so loudly that the elderly couple 10 feet from me turned and stared as I threw myself into my mom’s arms. I didn’t care. It was the week of Jessie’s wedding, I was out of the

Cat’s out of the Bag

I took another sip of my drink, just to give myself something to do. The 2 people next to me didn’t have that problem, though. Lucky them, I though in a snarky tone. Ever since we got together after work,

Hitting the Fan

Sorry for the delay, everyone! Between getting ready for Christmas and taking off for a week’s vacation Christmas night, I got a bit behind. Will be posting again later this week to make up for it. Miss the comments? Come

House Hunting

I drove up to the curb, squinting at the numbers on the brick building to check if I was in the right spot. 1824. Yep, this was it. I was a good 5 minutes early, so I parked and glanced

Getting Served

“Hi, is Joshua available?” I gave his admin a winning smile. All of us admins interacted on some things, but Joshua’s was one I didn’t talk to very often. Shelly raised one eyebrow, making the caked on purple eye shadow


I slunk into the office on Monday, praying I wouldn’t run into Mallory. “Why do you let her get to you? You need to take control of the situation!” Katy’s reprimand echoed in my head. I had shrugged, totally wordless.

NYE Part 2

I stared at Mallory, mouth partially open. I gave her the once over to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. Nope, that was the same dress I was wearing, down to the leather trim and pink accents. The only difference


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