Minne Apple Girl

The (fictional) adventures of a single girl making it on her own in a new city. Come read a new chapter of Maddie`s story every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning!

Go Time

“Coming, Minda!” I called over my desk. Minda wanted me in her office, probably to give me some instructions on some dumbass request that anyone would be able to figure out on their own, like how to order lunch for

Action Plan

“Goddamn sabotaging bitch!” I shrilled, slamming my purse down. The cups on the table rattled and I caught more than one table nearby giving me the side eye. Katy eyed me warily. “Good to see you too!” She arched her

Big Meeting

I drew a big breath, then let it out as I checked my watch. 10 minutes till go time. 10 minutes till the most important presentation I’ve ever done. Sure, to some people, it was small potatoes. But I had

Moving On Out

“Honey, I’m hooooooome!” I jokingly yelled when I walked in the door and saw Jessie’s keys hanging up. I have no idea how that girl can carry around a keychain with like 10 different keys and at least ninety bajillion

Surprising Revelation

I strolled down to the arena where Nic did a lot of his work, called the Target Center. I got there a good 20 minutes before we were supposed to meet. Damn. For some reason, 20 minutes always seems like

Overwhelmed and Pushing Ahead

I stared at the papers in front of me, gnawing on the end of my pen. Gross. I really needed to stop that bad habit of mine. “This is never going to make sense,” I mumbled to myself as I

Is that a…yes?

I crouched down behind a park bench, avoiding eye contact with the older couple giving me an odd look. I could see Jessie’s bright pink coat across the small, man-made lake, and it was just a matter of time before

Surprising Opportunity

I slunk into the office, praying against all hope that Minda wouldn’t see me.  Ever since the day I accidently overheard her conversation, things have been weird.  Really weird.  Minda had turned from the Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde act


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