Minne Apple Girl

The (fictional) adventures of a single girl making it on her own in a new city. Come read a new chapter of Maddie`s story every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning!

House Hunting

I drove up to the curb, squinting at the numbers on the brick building to check if I was in the right spot. 1824. Yep, this was it. I was a good 5 minutes early, so I parked and glanced

Getting Served

“Hi, is Joshua available?” I gave his admin a winning smile. All of us admins interacted on some things, but Joshua’s was one I didn’t talk to very often. Shelly raised one eyebrow, making the caked on purple eye shadow


I slunk into the office on Monday, praying I wouldn’t run into Mallory. “Why do you let her get to you? You need to take control of the situation!” Katy’s reprimand echoed in my head. I had shrugged, totally wordless.

NYE Part 2

I stared at Mallory, mouth partially open. I gave her the once over to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. Nope, that was the same dress I was wearing, down to the leather trim and pink accents. The only difference

NYE Part 1

“Whatcha up to tonight?” Nic was casually rummaging around in our refrigerator so he didn’t get the full effect of the stink eye I had perfected back in high school. To Jessie’s credit, she didn’t burst into tears. I was

Blip in the Radar?

“Morning,” I grunted as I shuffled down the stairs. Mom was puttering around the kitchen, and it looked like a pot of coffee was on. Ah. I loved my mom. It was the day after Christmas, and my dad, brother

Author’s Corner – Couple Quick Updates

Couple quick notes here! First, I know that my posting dates have been wonky. Sorry about that – the holidays, plus stopping a job/starting a new one got to me. But I’m settled now. Going forward, I was thinking Wednesdays

Big Girl Steps

Freezing cold, I pushed through the door to the bar, grateful to get out of the fridid air. It was almost January, and we didn’t have snow on the ground, but that didn’t mean diddlysquat to the air temp some


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