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Main character.  25 years old, originally from Connecticut, she went to school at NYU and decided to stay there after graduation because her boyfriend lived in NYC as well as loving the city.  Struggled post-graduation and came to Minneapolis on a whim after facing minimal prospects in the city.

Maddie’s cousin and one of her best friends.  A few years older than Maddie at 28, Jessie grew up close to Maddie and moved to Minneapolis to get her PhD in Chemistry.  Encourages her cousin to move to Minneapolis to find a better job and to get a fresh start.

Maddie’s boyfriend that she dated for 4 years, 2 in college and 2 after.  Broke up about 6 months before Maddie’s move to Minneapolis.  Maddie isn’t quite over him.

Jessie’s boyfriend of almost 3 years, who proposed to her on Valentine’s Day.  They broke up after Jessie refused the proposal.  Nic is Tyler’s brother.

A guy Maddie met when out to brunch with Jessie. They have gone on dates for the past couple months.  He’s very into Maddie, she is figuring it out.

Maddie’s recruiter from a temp agency that she is attracted to.  He owns the company.  They dated for a few months but he dumped her since he wasn’t over her ex-fiance.  He’s a few years older than Maddie at age 29.

First friend Maddie is making in Minneapolis.  A fellow law school student with Eric.

Maddie’s coworker at Cinco’s and a new friend.  Maddie was initially not sure about her since Nicole is 10 years older and has a completely different lifestyle, but is growing to really like her.   After a month or so, Maddie finds out that Nicole is Eric’s aunt, despite them being close in age.

Maddie’s best friend in NYC. They don’t talk as much as when Maddie lived locally, but she still a great friend to Maddie.

Theo’s business partner and Katy’s new boyfriend.

A friend of Maddie’s from New York that may be into her.

Charlie and Darla
Maddie’s brother and sister in law, who live outside of NYC.

Maddie’s new boss at Landings, her first permanent job in Minneapolis.  Minda reports to Joshua, Theo’s dad (who helped her get the job).


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    Might be time to update this page… :)

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    Can you do a small background on Nic

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