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Minne Apple Girl is a fictional story about Maddie, who recently moved from NYC to Minneapolis – hence the name Minne Apple.  Maddie is a city girl, through and through, and is a bit hesitant to move to Minneapolis though finally agrees to do so at the urging of her best friend and cousin, Jessie.  Follow Maddie’s story as she learns to adjust to a new city, make friends, start dating, and try to figure out her way in the world.  Posting will be done Monday, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 9am CT.

Disclaimer:  This is a fictional story, and all people are fictional.

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Review of the Blog:

Why read this blog?  Well, there are a lot of people all over the world who are into romance books and blogs. This blog is meant as a fun read to outline how that life holds a lot of challenges and difficulties yet when you have your friends and loved ones by your side, everything can change. Intrigued about a blog on the mysteries of love, life, career, and more?  Then you should try and read Minne Apple Girl Fictional blog and experience reality-based romance.


All about Minne Apple Girl Fictional blog

Minne Apple Girl Fictional blog is a fictional romance story about Maddie. Maddie is a simple 20 years old girl trying to experience life and what it can offer. Maddie, the leading character of this romance blog, is a city girl who recently moved from New York City to Minneapolis. This fiction romance blog is about restarting life in a big city. It talks about a girl experiencing life and the different things it can offer. As the story goes on, Maddie experiences a lot of things such as meeting new people, starting dating and finding her way through the world.


This fictional romance story is an example of a person trying to make a difference, showing that in life, there are inevitable times where people will encounter struggles and challenges. The story will also tackle about life and its reality. With this, readers will correlate with the Minne Apple Girl fictional blog story and will be able to gain insight of what it is to live in a big city and the reality of starting your life over when you uproot from your hometown. This website is among the best fiction romances about life in the big city. It is an interesting romance eBook to read and indulge into.


Why Read Minne Apple Girl Fictional blog?

The Minne Apple Girl Fictional blog is based on the reality of life. It talks about what a girl can experience in a big city and how she will react to the changes that come her way. This romantic blog is related to life and how people will react to it. This story is about the reality of people and different changes people experience as they journey in the road called life.

Despite the negative changes in life, this story shows that there is always happiness which is being with someone you love, and how to strive to find it when it seems far away. This extraordinary story shows the romance in people’s lives and how it changes them.

The story of this excellent fiction blog is full of uncertainties which contribute to the unpredictability of the story line. Stories that are unpredictable are the ones that are most interesting and intriguing to read. The more intriguing the story is, the more people will crave for it.

The Minne Apple Girl Fictional blog is not just a simple story of a girl. It includes a lot of things that have educational meanings. The story contains different experiences of the characters, and these different experiences will serve as an insight and examples which are a good for learning.


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  1. Amir says:

    Like it so far. From the first three posts I have read, I have begun to like Maddie but I sense an underlining sadness in her. I would love to see that being explored.

    Keep up the good work!

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