Jessie’s Bachelorette Party – Part II

“Hot damn, girl!” Katy let out a low whistle, and I gave a little twirl around. I was dressed to kill in a short, tight black dress straight from Rent the Runway. I had paired it with with spiked heels, and my hair was loose and down around my shoulders. Katy was dressed to kill herself, in a one shoulder blue dress and coral pumps.

“Gotta look good for our best girl’s last night out!” Katy nodded approvingly at my statement as I looked around her room.

“Where’s Bao?” I asked, not seeing him, and sort of happy about that. As much as I liked the guy, I felt kind of awkward around him now.

She rolled her eyes. “He’s anxious about the bachelor party. Ran out to get a new shirt, said his wasn’t good enough. Too many fashionable guys around or something.”

I smirked a bit, thinking that was totally like Bao. Super nice guy, and overeager to please. He didn’t really know the guys he was going out with too well, so I’m sure he was nervous about fitting in.

“So, he’s dressing to impress? Maybe going all out, getting himself something nice from Tom Ford?” I teased. Before Katy had a chance to answer, Bao walked in, carrying a bag from Armani Exchange.

“Hey, you,” he said, leaning in to give me a hug. “What’s a Tom Ford?”

Katy giggled and we exchanged some small talk about my new job and how excited we were for the wedding before I started to tap my watch. “6:45. Time to meet the ladies,” I said. I also wanted to swing past Nic’s room quick on the way down. I may not be spending my evening with him, but it’d be a total waste to look this hot and not show it off a bit.

Bao pulled out his phone. “Quick picture of the gorgeous ladies first?”

The three of us posed for a variety of photos quick then I grabbed Katy’s arm. “Time to go. And you,” I said, wagging my finger mockingly at Bao, “Remember. The saying ‘What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas’ does not apply to our boyfriends. You and Nic behave yourself!”

With that, Katy and I headed out the door. After a quick visit to Nic’s room to show off how good we looked, we were off to meet the ladies.

“First stop, dinner at TAO,” Katy declared, and Jessie and her friends let out a little shriek.

“What’s that?” Jessie’s mom, my Aunt Charlotte asked excitedly. She looked beyond excited to be included with “the girls” tonight. I was really lucky that my mom and aunt were the fun type of moms.

“One of the hottest clubs in Vegas, that’s all. Getting dinner, then on to the next surprise.” Katy and I had decided it’d be most fun if we kept the itinerary a secret until it was off to the next thing, and, loving the surprise, Jessie wholeheartedly agreed.

Once we stopped in front of TAO, Jessie’s eyes widened. “The line is huge!” she gasped, seeing it wrap around the building.

“Not if you’re us,” I said, heading to the host stand. Within 15 minutes, we were seated at our private table, with a table girl introducing herself and promising to take care of us that night and describing the bottle service to us. Katy nodded approvingly and ordered a bottle of vodka and mixers to start.

“And a bottle of champagne,” Aunt Charlotte called after her. “What?” she asked, looking at my raised eyebrows. “I gotta celebrate my baby girl’s wedding!”

“Cheers to that!” I said, leaning forward and giving her a hug, emotions running over me all of a sudden. It seemed like just a few years ago when Jessie and I were running between our two houses all day, every day, and Aunt Charlotte would treat me to her killer brownies on Saturdays. Now the two of us lived halfway across the country from our parents, and Jessie was going to be a married woman in no time.

My ride on the feels-train was broken when I sawJessie’s friend Erin widened almost bulge out of her head. as she looked over towards the VIP lounge. “Is that Nicki Minaj?” she gasped. I looked over. If it wasn’t her, it was a damn good impostor. I grinned. So far, the party was going fantastic.

“This is amazing!” Jessie yelled in my ear awhile later as our food was being delivered. “Just look at everyone!”

Glancing around the table, I saw my mom and Aunt Charlotte snapping pictures on their phones giddily. I could almost hear my aunt tell my mom,”I’ve never been to a place like this!” Katy was mixing up a new drink, and Deanna had already grabbed Jessie’s other friend, Kimberly, and they were out dancing together on the floor.

“Let’s hit the floor!” I yelled back. Jessie nodded obediently as she quickly stuffed a piece of sashimi in her mouth.

“Coming, mom?”I asked my mom as I refilled my drink.

She looked startled, like the thought never occurred to her. “Oh no, honey, you girls go have fun, I’m fine here!”

Jessie wagged her finger at our moms. “Fine for now, but just you wait. We’re getting you there!”

“Jessie, they are like 50-something years old,” I hissed under my breath as we headed out to the dance floor.

She shrugged. “Get a few more drinks in them, and they’ll be acting like they are 20-something.”

I just laughed. Just then, I heard someone behind my back. “What’s so funny?”

I whirled around and saw a tall blonde man behind me. “Um, nothing,” I said, not sure if he could really hear me.

“Nothing?” he said, leaning close to me. He put his arms around my shoulders and started dancing, without asking. “Seems like a pretty girl like you would have lots to laugh about.”

I shot a panicked look to Jessie, who just made a “shooing” motion with her hands, which I took to mean I was good. Relaxing, I leaned in and started to move to the music.

“Peter,” he said by way of introduction.

“Maddie,” I answered back, feeling unsure of what I should do. I mean, I sort of did have a boyfriend but dancing and looking was free and innocent, right? Before I could think about it too much, Peter swept me into the crowd and I found myself pressed close to him and laughing with him for the next several songs. Just then, Deanna appeared next to me.

“Maddie, Katy sent me over to tell you that we only have an hour,” she said, looking at Peter curiously.

“Wait, what?” Could I really have lost track of time that badly? I disentangled myself from Peter and smiled ruefully. “Gotta go, sorry.”

“Heading out already?” he asked. I nodded, a little too embarrassed to admit where we were headed next.

“Ok, then, can I give you my number?” Peter looked at me expectantly.

“No, sorry – ,” I started when Deanna stepped in.

“Sorry, she didn’t bring her phone with her! Here, type it in mine,” she said, whipping out her phone while I shot her a dirty look. What was she thinking???

Peter typed in his contact information. “I’ll be here the next 3 nights. Call me,” he said, handing it back, and, with a hug, disappeared into the crowd.

“What was that?” I asked Deanna furiously as we headed back. “You know I have a boyfriend!”

She just shrugged. “Humor an old married lady, will you? I got to live vicariously though you young single ladies.” I rolled my eyes but let it go. Deanna loved Charlie, I knew, but I could imagine that when I was a married mother I’d look back at my single days with nostalgia too.


After stuffing my face a bit more, and downing one more drink, I nodded to the crowd. “Gather everyone up ladies, we’re headed to Part 2 of the evening!”

“First, though, cheers!” Aunt Charlotte had procured another bottle of champagne while I was gone, and everyone took one more glass of champagne and posed for an array of pictures that our server was asked to take.

“TO JESSIE!” everyone yelled, clinking glasses.

“Oh my god, you guys are the best,” Jessie started to tear up but Katy stopped her.

“Honey, don’t cry yet. You don’t know what’s next!”

We trooped down to the Ubers we called and slid in. I ended up in the car with Deanna, Katy, and my  mom.

“So Maddie got a phoooooooone number,” Deanna sang.

“Really? From who?” My mom asked excitedly.

“Is he cute?” Katy asked.

“Stop, you guys!” I exclaimed, glaring at Deanna in the dark even though she couldn’t see me. “I have Nic, remember?”

Deanna was silent while Katy just shrugged. “Right. Still flattering, though,” Katy said after a pause.

“You guys don’t like Nic, do you?” I accused them.

“No, no, no, honey, it’s not that,” my mom jumped in soothingly. “You’re just young! And gorgeous! You should just settle on the most amazing guy out there!”

“Whatever,” I grumbled, not really wanting to hear it. Nic wasn’t a bad guy. “I’m so not calling him.”

“You sure?” Deanna asked. “Take down his number just in case.”

Deanna started reading the numbers “651 -” right as I interuppted.

“No, I’m not calling him!” I exclaimed louder than I should have, maybe because I felt guilty that I was secretly intrigued.

“651?” Katy squealed. “That’s a St. Paul number!”

“St. Paul, like right next to Minneapolis?” my mom asked. Katy nodded.

“He must live next to you then!” Deanna cheered and I shook my head.

“You guys don’t need to to act so excited!” I said as we pulled up to the curb. “Still not taking down the  number!”

Just then, my phone vibrated and I looked down, hoping for a text from Nic to set my mind straight. Instead, I saw a text from Deanna. With Peter’s contact information attached.

“Gee, thanks, Deanna,” I grumbled as we got out, though I was secretly interested in the idea that a hot guy would like me enough to give me his number AND coincidently live close to me.

15 minutes later as our group swept through the Rio, my mom stopped dead. “No way. NO way!!!!” she exclaimed loudly. Katy was grinning.

“Stop numero dos – The Chippendales!” Katy said with a flourish, waving at a sign of 6 men wearing little more than underwear and bow ties above us. Everyone shrieked on cue.

“This has got to be the most cheesiest, awful, and AMAZING idea EVER!” Jessie shrieked.

“I know, right?” Katy was smiling so hard that it looked like her face was about to split in two. “It’s so awful that it’s great.”

Inside we all crowded around the table and ordered drinks. Erin, Jessie’s friend from college, beckoned me and Katy closer.

“My sister went to one of these once,” she said under her breath, making sure Jessie wasn’t within earshot. “She said the more noise and cheering you do, the better chance you have of getting on stage. Let’s do it and get her up there!”

We all gave each other secret high fives and I whispered the idea to Aunt Charlotte next to me, whose eyes lit up. “I’ll pass it to your mom,” she promised. “We have got to make this happen.”

For the next 45 minutes, we were treated to the most cheesy, unsexy, hilarious show I’ve ever seen. Perfectly tan, chiseled, oiled men stripped and ripped off their shirt as they humped the air dressed up as firefighters, vampires, soldiers, and more.

“How in the hell can anyone find this sexy?” Deanna yelled in my ear, while clapping her hands and dancing in her seat. I just jerked my head towards Mom and Aunt Charlotte and Deanna’s hand flew to her mouth. While the Chippendales were certainly good looking and…interesting, I couldn’t really think of any woman that I knew who would geniunely find male strippers sexy. Till now.

Mom’s face was almost pure red and she was fanning herself with some brochure she found in her purse. Aunt Charlotte’s eyes were about as wide as you could get and every time the men tore of a shirt or humped the air, she almost jumped out of her seat. Just then, they had a costume change, and they wore cop uniforms. Aunt Charlotte poked my mom, and they both looked like they were about to swoon.

“That’s my mother in law!” Deanna’s eyes almost bugged out.

“TMI, I know, right?” I giggled back.

Just then, the Chippendales announced they needed another woman from the audience, and the crowd went wild. Jessie grinned and looked around the room to see what would happen next. Erin caught my eye, and I nudged Aunt Charlotte next to me who gave my mom a knowing look. Without further word, the entire table except for Jessie jumped up and shrieked “JESSIE!!!!!!!” and waved.

Jessie’s mouth fell open. “What the?” I could hear her mouth. She didn’t have long though. One of the dancers came down from the stage and was walking straight towards our table.

To Be Continued……..


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