Jessie’s Bachelorette – Part I

“Mom! Dad!” I squealed so loudly that the elderly couple 10 feet from me turned and stared as I threw myself into my mom’s arms. I didn’t care. It was the week of Jessie’s wedding, I was out of the snow and into the warm sunshine, and I was seeing my family for the first time in months. People could stare all they wanted to, I was far too excited to care.

“So where we going tonight?” Deanna asked excitedly after it was her turn to give me a hug.

“Don’t matter! The guys are going out out-fun you girls, guarenteeeeeeeeeeed,” Charlie interrupted before I had a chance to say anything. “Besides. My little sister is too innocent to do anything naughty, right?” His tone was teasing, but I knew he had a hard time thinking of me as anything besides his baby sister.

I rolled my eyes at him and gave him a hug. “Yeah, sure. It’ll be a nice night of charades and ordering pizza before we pop off to bed at 10.”

“Perfect,” he replied with a mock-stern look on his face. Deanna started giggling. It was 3 days before Jessie and Tyler’s wedding, and a bunch of us had just flown in. I was beyond excited for Jessie’s bachelorette party tonight, and from the sounds of it, the guys were looking forward to going out tonight for Tyler’s as well. Just this morning, I asked Nic what the plan was, but he was tight lipped.

“Bro code,” he said, shaking his head.  I giggled. Fair enough, I refused to tell him our plans were for Jessie’s party. I knew their plans couldn’t be too bad anyway. Most of the guys going were coupled up, and I knew that most of the women, Jessie included, had put a hard limit on strippers or anything really raunchy. Tyler wasn’t the type to get into that anyway, thank god for everyone involved.

“So how many of us tonight for the bachelorette party?” Darla asked as we made our way to the elevator of the Venetian, where we were staying. I was super excited. It was a really nice hotel, and no matter how cheesy it was, I couldn’t wait to take a gondola ride.

“You, me, mom, Aunt Charlotte, Katy…” I started counting on my fingers. “With Jessie and a couple other friends, there’s 8 total.” Perfect number, in my opinion. Not too many to keep track of, but enough to have a good party.

“And the guys? Who’s all here for Tyler’s party?” my mom asked from behind us.

“Let’s see, Charlie, Katy’s boyfriend Bao, Tyler, 3 of his friends, and his brother Nic. Tyler’s parents don’t come in until tomorrow morning, so his dad is out. And Dad if he wants to go.”

Deanna raised an eyebrow. “So we going to meet this Nic?” Leave it to Deanna to pick up on the key word.

“Well, yeah, of course. He’s here, you know. He’s Tyler’s brother,” I spluttered. I had told Deanna about Nic and me in good moment. I just didn’t fill in how it was more or less stagnating in the recent weeks. Truth be told, I wasn’t sure where we were going, but wanted to at least stick it out through the wedding so I wouldn’t be in an awkward, lonely situation. I also had this secret hope that this trip away from home would, I dunno, spark a little something?

“I really liked that Theo,” Charlie said, earning a sharp nudge in the ribs from Deanna. “Ow!”

She just shook her head at Charlie. “Men,” was all she offered.

“Charlie, honey, maybe Maddie doesn’t want to talk about her ex,” Mom said, much more diplomatically.

Charlie shrugged. “I was just saying -” He stopped himself once he saw the look on Deanna’s face. “I mean, nothing. I said nothing.”

I sighed. “You guys will like Nic. He’s Tyler’s brother, after all!”

“I’m sure we will, honey,” mom said soothingly as we arrived at our room.

“Wow. Wow. This is ours?” I squeaked as soon as I walked through the door. After I told mom I wanted to stay with them, she booked us a suite with bedrooms so we could have our own space. The place was absolute gorgeous, and had a view of the strip. “Can I live here? Forever?”

Dad laughed. “Not at this price, pumpkin. Besides, you’ll be moving into your own palace soon enough. You all set for the closing in 2 weeks?”

I nodded. Mom and dad wanted to come to Minneapolis for the closing on my new house, but I pushed them to come out 2 weeks after that since I was starting my new job with Joshua and I needed the time to get acquainted with my job. “Yup. I’ll hopefully have most of it moved in before you come. Then you can just help me unpack.”

“Ok, see you in a bit!” Deanna and Charlie headed out of the door to their own room. “We’re meeting at 7, right?”

I nodded at Deanna’s question. “Get your party dress on, it’s going to be epic!”


Hi all – sorry for the late Monday post! This is going to be shorter, as I ran out of time to write this post as I was working on another project. I’ll be posting about Jessie’s bachelorette party as a trilogy as it’s going to be long (and I ran out of time to write a ton today – oops!), so check back tomorrow and Thursday this week to read the whole thing!



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