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Jessie’s Bachelorette – Part I

“Mom! Dad!” I squealed so loudly that the elderly couple 10 feet from me turned and stared as I threw myself into my mom’s arms. I didn’t care. It was the week of Jessie’s wedding, I was out of the

Cat’s out of the Bag

I took another sip of my drink, just to give myself something to do. The 2 people next to me didn’t have that problem, though. Lucky them, I though in a snarky tone. Ever since we got together after work,

Party Planning

In the end, I chose the job with Joshua. What other option was there, really? “Great news!” Joshua’s face broke out into a wide grin when I informed him. “I was hoping you’d say yes. I really need a good

Next Steps

At 12:58, I announced my arrival to Shelly, Joshua’s admin. She raised her overly made up eyes and gave me a look. “You have an appointment with Joshua? Again? Shelly was definitely the mother hen of all the admins, and

Hitting the Fan

Sorry for the delay, everyone! Between getting ready for Christmas and taking off for a week’s vacation Christmas night, I got a bit behind. Will be posting again later this week to make up for it. Miss the comments? Come


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