House Hunting

I drove up to the curb, squinting at the numbers on the brick building to check if I was in the right spot. 1824. Yep, this was it. I was a good 5 minutes early, so I parked and glanced around the neighborhood. It took me approximately 30 seconds to see what sites my potential new neighborhood had to had to offer. Which was, basically nothing unless you count the broken down kid’s toys in the yard next to the building I was checking out.

Seeing a short man with round glasses approach the front door of the building, I got out.
“Hi, are you Randy?” I called, feeling a little awkward. Maybe it was a resident, not Katy’s relator friend that offered to show me a few places today. I had the final mortgage preapprovals in hand. I had a bit of a downpayment if I emptied most of my savings account, and I figured that if I could find a decent condo for less than what rent would cost to live at my fancy apartment building, then I’d be good to go on buying something and not just renting. Providing of course, that I didn’t lose my job over my stupid mistake, but I pushed that thought out of my head so I didn’t ruin my weekend.
Luckily the man nodded. “Yes, I’m Randy.”

I was a little taken back at his high pitched voice but reacted as smoothly as possible. “Great, I’m Maddie. Ready to show me around?”

He nodded and started to unlock the first of 2 locks. I widened my eyes and he caught me. “Secure place,” he said and I smiled back. Secure my ass. I’m from NYC, I can tell a ghetto building when I see one.

Despite being thrown off by the locks, I was super excited. I had looked at multiple listings, and didn’t see many that were actually in my price range and distance I wanted from work. With a walk in closet, big bathroom, and den, this one was definitely my favorite. Walking along the halls, I wrinkled my nose. I just hoped the inside was nicer than the outside. I didn’t have to wait long because 5 seconds later, Randy was pushing the door open and I was almost knocked over by the stench.

“Come on in!” He exclaimed, holding the door open for me. I gingerly stepped inside, trying to hold my breath as much as possible.

Randy and I walked around the condo, checking out the 1 bedroom and den. The place looked clean enough, but I couldn’t get over the smell.
“Um, Randy, why does it smell like a wet basement in here?” I finally asked after he showed me the bathroom.

He looked puzzled. “I thought I smelled a little something too. Here, let me look at my notes…oh yes, a pipe leaked a few months ago. Maybe there is some residual mildew or something.” I shook my head. I did NOT want to deal with something like that, at least in my first place. “What else we looking at today?”

For the next 2 hours, Randy showed me 3 different condos that looked promising online but once I got in, it was apparent something was terribly wrong. In one, the wood floors were gouged and cracked. I could put up with some painting or something, but didn’t want to sink major bucks into repairs right after I moved in. The second was ok, but only had on street parking in one of the most populated neighborhoods in the city. The worst though, was for sure the third.
We had just come from looking at the underground parking spot and laundry room, and I was feeling pretty good about this place. The kitchen was nice, if not a bit small, and the living room had a view of downtown if you sat on the far edge of the couch and moved your head to the left. The neighborhood was great, with tons of coffee shops, restaurants, and corner stores within walking distance. I was just checking out the windows in the bedroom when I heard someone talking. ”Did you say something Randy?” I called out to him in another room. ”No,” he was just calling back when I heard it again.

“I told you NOT to…” someone was yelling into their phone and I froze. The voice was clearly coming from the other side of the wall, and while I couldn’t make out all the words, it was apparent that the person speaking wasn’t happy.

Just then Randy came in. ”I hear someone on the phone,” I said.

He listened for a minute. “I don’t hear anything -“ Just then, the toilet next door flushed and I jumped. “I am NOT going to be listening to someone argue on the toilet every day!” I announced. To his credit, Randy just nodded and agreed.

“So, Maddie, we didn’t around to talking too much about all your wants,” Randy said 30 minutes later over a cup of coffee. We had stopped for a quick break before we went to see the last 2 on my list.

I started picking away at my coffee sleeve. Randy and I had sent some emails back and forth discussing my budget and desired areas, but after that I had basically sent him some links of the places I wanted to check out. I thought I was undemanding in my search – hello, I lived in some really crappy places in NYC – but apparently when you’re looking to buy, it was way harder.

“It’s easy. I just want a 2 bedroom place in a nice neighborhood where I can’t hear my neighbors, has a parking spot, looks nice, no major repairs, and in my budget.”

He nodded. “Seems reasonable, but condos around here are a pretty penny and the ones in that range go fast.” He paused for a second. “Can I suggest a few places?”

I shrugged. What did I have to lose? “Sure.”

Randy got up and tossed his cup in the garbage. “Let me show you a place you wouldn’t have thought of.”

I got in my car and followed Randy’s Lexus for a few minutes. Then a few more. Finally, when I started to wonder where the hell we were, he stopped in front of a small…house? ”

This is a house,” I said accusingly once he got out of his car, stating the obvious. “And it’s far away from all the neighborhoods I picked out.”

“I know,” he nodded. “But humor me by looking at it, ok?”

I shook my head, irritated that he took me out to the middle of nowhere to look at a house when I was clearly in the market for a condo near downtown and followed him inside.

“Damn it,” I said 5 minutes later. This place was pretty great.

“A former client of mine’s mother just went into a nursing home and needs to sell her house,” Randy explained. “It’s a great house for someone who doesn’t need a lot of space but wants the convenience of having stuff nearby.” I could see that. The house was small, but it was updated and had 2 bedrooms, a living room, 2 bathrooms, and small dining room. The downstairs was finished into another room, and the kitchen walked out into a small backyard with a patio next to the garage. I could see it being a nice place to live.

But still. I wasn’t looking for a house. I was young. I wanted to be near the action.

“It’s too far away from everything,” I argued.

Randy pointed to the left. “This is small neighborhood, sure, but just a block away, you’ll find 2 restaurants, a yoga studio, grocery store, liquor store, bank and Starbucks, among other things. Not to mention a park within 6 blocks. And you’ll be on the highway and into downtown in under 10 minutes.”
I admit, I was impressed. I didn’t realize the neighborhood had that much.

Still though. “I’m not sure I want to deal with mowing the lawn and painting the outside and all that,” I said argumentatively.

Randy shrugged. “True. Just giving you options, is all. Ready to go check out the last 2 condos?” I glanced at my phone to see what we had left and my lip curled up a bit. One was the least favorite of the 5 or so I sent Randy, but it was in my favorite neighborhood. The other was really small, but looked nice. ”Ready!” I said, walking out behind him.

He was turning to go to his car when I stopped him. “Just curious, how much is this house?” He named a figure that was $15k less than I hoped to spend on a condo and my eyes almost bugged out. “Why is it still on the market?” I asked.

“It’s not even technically on the market yet – the owner’s daughter just called me last week. We’ll be listing it on Monday now that we have the pictures ready.” I nodded thoughtfully and got into my car to drive back closer to the city, wondering to myself what was more important, a nice place to live or being in the middle of the action. My mind floated back to hearing the neighbor flush her toilet and I cringed. Right now I wasn’t so sure.

63 Responses to House Hunting

  1. Even just thinking about owning a stand-alone house makes me feel old! And Maddie would have to shovel an awful lot of snow…

    • Alicia says:

      Hey! I own my house and I’m not old (I’m 24). But I do live in New England and I’ve shoveled snow every other day for 3 weeks. And I feel pretty damn old…Nevermind you’re comment was totally right. Lol

  2. K says:

    I would go for the house… But, I am in the market looking for one of my own, so I guess that is why I am swayed! haha If you’re planning on staying in one spot for at least 5 years, buying a house is the way to go. It’s a good investment :)

  3. Dawn says:

    House all the way. She can get a snow blower. Not to mention Minnesota handles the snow way better than anywhere I have ever seen. The state never shuts down. The house is a way better investment!

  4. Kelsey says:

    Yeah, I’m 28 and have owned my house for 3 years this spring. Luckily I have my boyfriend who shovels snow…

  5. Melissa says:

    I don’t expect a response from the author because it seems that she doesn’t read or care about our thoughts or opinions anymore.

    Does anyone know what the posting schedule is? Is it Wednesday and Friday or whenever the writer chooses?

    • Maria says:

      It seems like whenever she feels like it. Don’t expect a quality post though! Seems like it might be fillers for the time being.

      • Anonymous says:

        That’s awfully rude. If you don’t like it stop reading.

        • Maria says:

          Thank you. :) I can do whatever I want though. I don’t need some stranger on the Internet to tell me what to do.

          • Anonymous says:

            Of course you can do whatever you want. Just not really understanding why people come back to something that is optional when all they do is complain about it. It’s a choice, yes, but choosing to do something you don’t enjoy is ridiculous.

  6. Melissa says:

    Thanks:) I don’t mind checking but do get annoyed by the inconsistency. That my personal issue though;-)

    I’ll admit that the storylines are starting to drag and never end. I was hoping this past post would pick up where we left off with Joshua and work. Hoping the blog picks up soon and gets back to being a must read!

    • Anonymous says:

      Wow, there are so many weird, miserable people on here. (ahem..Maria..ahem). The author does this as a hobby. She owes you nothing. I know my comment is going to get a thumbs down by all the bored nags out there but maybe if those ‘types’ stopped behaving like entitled pricks, they might actually be happier.

  7. Jane says:

    Definitely go with the house – having somewhere you look forwards to coming home to every day is more important than being right in the centre of town (especially if you need to do major repairs right from the start!

  8. Maria says:

    To: Annonymous
    Because the page wouldn’t let me reply to your comment… Whether or not you understand why people who don’t enjoy the story still come back here doesn’t really matter. It’s their choice, and if they feel like it, so be it. It’s going to be okay, honey. The world will continue to spin regardless of what you think.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m a different “anonymous” than who you were originally replying to, honey. I wasn’t telling you that you shouldn’t come back I (and many people on here, it seems) just question the mental state of someone who does, only to complain every time. Seems people who do just need something to b*tch about. And since life naturally provides enough of those opportunities, to actually seek them out says a lot about those who continue to do so. Enjoy your self-inflicted negativity!

      • Maria says:

        And I too question the mental state of those who sit on a high horse. And I will enjoy it, thank you very much! I hope you enjoy your self righteous attitude!

      • annonymous says:

        For you to question the mental state of people who keep returning to this page is kind of ridiculous. There are people who were supportive of this blog when it was good, and they’re just voicing their opinion about how the quality of the posts have been going downhill. What if they’re returning time and time again, hoping for a glimpse of how the blog used to be? I agree with Maria, you need to be kicked off your high horse. Mental state, seriously? Get over yourself.

        • Maria says:

          Thank you, and to be honest, sometimes I come back just for the comment section. It cracks me up when bitchy “Annonymous” posters feel themselves so hard that they have to comment on mental states of TOTAL STRANGERS. If people want to complain, let them. I am secure with myself to know that total nobodies’ opinions of me seriously don’t matter. If they can’t see the big picture, that’s their problem. They can continue through life with little minds.

      • Maria says:

        Ps. To the self righteous Annonymous commenter, because of you I totally won a bet and will have a free lunch today! My coworkers wouldn’t believe someone like you were commenting, but I won that bet. :) so thank you for being ridiculous yourself! I hope everyone has a great day, now time for me to stop wasting my time and giving this blog undeserved website hits. :)

        • Stacy says:

          Hey guys, Maria is just a loser who creates multiple accounts just to dislike the comments. Yes that’s right Maria your ip address shows up. Do you just sit home eating bon bons and enjoy arguing with people? Sick people in this world, that’s for sure! Also, why would any sane person bet on a blog post comment. How sad is your life?

          • Maria says:

            I’m sorry Detective Stacy, but I have a few people here who also read the blog, so you’re still mistaken. But thank you, for thinking of my life, which, I’m sure you won’t believe, is quite fun. Again, thanks for thinking of me. :)

          • Alli says:

            All of this catty bullshit is exhausting and irrelevant. Yawn. And can we all stop with the condescending “honey” thing? It’s aggravating to those of us who manage to be adults even on the Internet.

          • Alicia says:

            But I call people “honey” in person as well….

  9. kim says:

    I’m becoming frustrated with this blog. I appreciate all bloggers and the time they take to write for free. I come back to this blog because i do genuinely enjoy it. The past few months have been rough. From the disappearance if the blogger to the broken promises. We were told to expect new posts every Wednesday and Friday. Then we were promised the posts one week, didn’t happen. Then we were told that the blogger had many written posts in reserve to not fall behind again. I feel as though I’m being sold a line. Nothing that’s promised occurs. If you can’t post consistently don’t make fake promises. I know life happens and you can’t control certain things. A heads up would be appreciated. I hope the writer is okay and will be back soon. I’m frustrated at being string along so this blog gets increased hits.

  10. Jen says:

    Kim I completely agree with you but unfortunately your like the millionth person to voice your opinion and it hasn’t been much effort on the author . I haven’t read the blog since the beginning of January using it as a last resort kinda thing and hopefully I won’t have the same issues as everyone else following it .. If the site gets deleted the. Whateves too ! Life !

  11. Kay says:

    Don’t understand what’s with all the opinion bashers. I understand that people don’t need to be entirely rude and harsh, but people are allowed opinions whether they’re good or bad. Like seriously, why are people personally attacking others just because they don’t like their opinion? So what if someone else has an opinion that differs from your’s. This blog is for entertainment purposes, so yes there wll be criticism, and I’m sure the author was prepared for that when she started this blog, thus allowing comments. Also I think the thumbs up and down option is a great way to show opinions, especially for those who don’t want to post their comment just to be pulverized by other readers. It’s pretty shocking to see how ignorant of an attitude people can have. It’s okay to respectfully disagree and toss opinions back and forth but to attack one another is just wrong.

  12. K says:

    Yikes. Y’all are crazy. haha

  13. Mel says:

    I have read your blog since it first started. You had such a passion and we learned, as an audience, to care for Maddie and the people in her life. We became enwrapped in the story that you created. You were one of the first blogs to start during the time LSP was taking constant breaks, and it was refreshing to find a new character to follow. It provided a break from my hectic life. There are a lot of annoyed comments, but this is simply because as readers we have come to love your story and look forward to it every week. When you disappeared last year a lot of us were genuinely worried about you. Sounds crazy considering you’re just a blogger, but when someone who is so consistent and interactive disappears it can be unnerving. With that said I get that life is always unpredictable and can get in the way of our hobbies, I just had a family memeber pass away and its a real earth shaking experience.
    Now I come back to check, like most others do, because I like catching up with Maddie and seeing where she is heading, but the story has been lacking. It went from very long meaningful post three days a week to this, we’re lucky to get even an update. I think that if you are truly going through something rough, take a break. Don’t sacrifice your story because we are demanding a new post. All this bickering in the comment section is taking away from the reason we all come here in the first place.
    So if you choose to take a break, okay we’ll see you in a few months, I don’t mind waiting for a good story. If you choose to end the blog that’s okay too. Just let us know, so we can feel like we use to, like you still care about your audience and your story as much as we do.

  14. Mel says:

    I guess, it won’t take too much of the author’s time to share that she won’t be posting. It’s always post-apologies, which I’m getting sick. The only reason why I’m back is that I’ve invested enough time on the blog and would like to know how it goes. Why don’t you just end the story

    • Bella says:

      Same here. I’m pretty disappointed.
      The blogger wrote in one of her recent apology posts that she can’t have the negativity that is being put out on comments (or something along those lines..I can’t remember exactly), but it’s not negativity we are trying to send out, it’s concern and just asking for a response. I think that is the polite thing to do. Unfortunately, inconsistency is how blog followers end up dropping off, especially if that is paired with a lack of communication and simple courtesy. It’s hard to follow along when my mind is fuzzy about the last post because it has been so long. I just feel as though we aren’t asking you for a huge thing, just for a quick drop-in to let us know how things are going/ if they are going or you just need a break. We are all human… we have families, jobs, extracurricular activities and the rest, but taking just one moment isn’t unreasonable.

  15. Elizabeth says:

    After following this blog religiously since the beginning, I don’t know what to think. When the writer first disappeared, like so many others I was worried about her. I was very happy when she started posted again. Then the she disappeared for again but for a much shorter period and explained that she had some issues she was dealing with. I understand life happens and other things take priority. Obviously, the writer’s personal life and her family takes precedent over a blog.

    There were comments made by the writer stating first that she didn’t want to deal with the negative comments with a promise of posting three posts that week. That didn’t happen. Next we were told she had posts in reserve so she wouldn’t fall behind again most recently. I’m left scratching my head because it’s been over two weeks since the last post. Where are the reserved posts? I understand, I think all of us will understand and be supportive if the writer says “Hey Guys, I have a personal issues I’m dealing with. I need to take a break but will be back in x weeks.” That’s all I’m asking for. I sincerely hope the writer is doing well. The radio silence from her is disconcerting.

    I hope the writer will take two minutes of her time to give us an update. I might be wrong here but I think the broken promises and radio silence is a strategy to get us to keep visiting and increase the number of hits for the site. I know that the writer doesn’t receive big bucks from the ads on this site, just enough to keep the site up and running but I still can’t help but wonder.

  16. Laurine says:

    Love your blog! Great storyline! :)

  17. Cindy says:

    What I don’t get is…if you all understand that personal stuff gets in the way…why are you all stilleaving comments. Assume there is personal stuff and move on. Decide to check back or don’t. There are far more important things then getting hung up that the author hasn’t posted. We all know that the schedule has been all over the place, we all know she’s said things that she hasnt followed through on… Now move on. It’s a story, stop getting so worked up over it, stop hating on each other.

    • Evelyn says:

      It’s called a comment section, not a “only praise the author section.” While I agree with you on what’s the point of commenting, it really does fall on deaf ears, since the author obviously doesn’t check this, people will comment regardless. People have opinions, and they’ll voice them.

      • Cindy says:

        Right. I wasn’t praising the author, nor was I being rude/hateful to other readers. That was solely my option, as you stated.

  18. Lynette says:

    I’ve subscribed to the “blog via email” so that I’m not constantly checking to see if there is a new post. I do occasionally check in and read the recent comments though. Hope this helps.

  19. mum says:

    Let us know how you’re doing, gal! mum

  20. jj says:

    I am going to be real here:

    The author of this blog is a LAIR. OK? Yes, I said it. Get over it.

    She straight up lied about the comments being broken. She “tweeted” that she needed a “break” *insert rolling eyes emoji here* from the comments and then she goes off and tells everyone that there was a “technical issue” with the comments and she “wishes” she knew how to fix them. BULLSHIT. I know for a fact that she lied about that so what’s to say she doesn’t lie about everything else…

    I REFUSE to continue to reward her behavior by reading her blog…for all we know she is a 55 year old pervert who gets off on this story. I truly believe that all of her “Author’s corner” posts were all lies as well and she has a very sick problem.

    I do not like liars…so I’m out. PEACE.

  21. Angela says:

    Hey guys! I’m trying to start my own blog. If anybody is interested here is the link:

  22. Liz says:

    Thanks for stringing us along and making promises that were never kept. As a long time reader of this blog there aren’t words to express my disappointment. I understand that your life takes precedent over a free blog. It would have been nice to drop up a note or let us know you were going on hiatus. At least we would be in the loop instead of checking for updates. You’ve stated you had written posts in reserves and wouldn’t fall behind. Where are these posts? You had a good blog and I’ll miss it. Good luck with whatever you are dealing with.

  23. Elina says:

    I really liked this blog and was one of the reasons I started my own. I wish the author would get back to her regular postings.
    I want to know what happens.

  24. Lisa says:

    Anyone have any other good blogs they are reading? It seems like all of the ones I really like all have inconsistent postings. The new Cosmo blog was great for a couple of weeks, albeit short posts, but at least consistent and then they stopped suddenly. Tragedy and the Twenty-Something has an MIA author like this one. Anything out there that you’re reading that is similar?

    • Soul says:


      I’m pretty sure the Bedroom Blog is still going, written by Alessandra Torre, a fantastic writer! These are the ones I have on my blogroll if you’d like to check them out:

      Of Poets and Heartbreakers
      Elina In London
      Life By Aleah
      Love, Sex, Pizza
      Everyday Endeavors (though I’m not sure if the author has posted since last year)
      New York Dixie
      The Other Girl
      Modern Day Faith

      Hope this helps! :)

      Soul xo

    • Penelope says:

      Sorry, I meant to reply to you and not above. But I love this blog!

  25. Sarah says:

    This author is the worst. Jesus Mary and Oprah, girl, what is wrong with you.

  26. Annie says:

    Not trying to be rude. But are you alive? Like really…. If you don’t want to carry on with this blog, totally fine that is your choice. But you are making money, however much, by advertising on this site and having people visit it, and by disappearing multiple times a year you’re making a bit of a mockery of yourself and any loyal readers you used to have. Grow a pair and let everyone know you’re no longer going to continue. If you can’t take the negativity in comments, writing is clearly not the career to be looking in to, but common courtesy goes far no matter what profession you’re in.

  27. Audrey says:

    I’m done with this blog. She disappears way too often. Deleting it from my list to read.

  28. anon says:

    I just want to know if you ever plan on coming back plz just let us know. Thanks!!!

  29. Thea Nichol says:

    I read this blog from the beginning, and then stopped reading for awhile. I hope everything is okay with you! Let us know if you intend to keep posting!

  30. BeavisX says:

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  32. Anonymous says:

    I can’t comment on the new post, but welcome back. Thrilled to see you are writing again! Still hating Mallory! mum

  33. jules says:

    Since we can’t comment on the new posts, just wanted to comment here that I’m so glad your back! I like TJ, hopefully Maddie can open her eyes to the obvious and see he’s feeling her…..tho I suppose it would be messed up of her to date her “boyfriend’s” friend but then again Nic isn’t “claiming” her so technically she’s available to TJ, no? And what’s up with Nic and Mallory? Ugh she’s so annoying. Lol. Anyway, can’t wait for the next post!

  34. Anonymous says:

    Any idea when Part 3 is going to be done?

  35. LA says:

    I am so glad that you are back! I really missed this story

  36. lola says:

    here we go again with the disappearing…..uuuugh

  37. Anonymous says:

    Well, she disappeared about this time last year and then came back around.. what, November? December? So I would say expect a new post in about 10 months. Amd at the same time a post about “haters” and people who just don’t understand the stress of life and blogging, aka being an adult AND having a hobby.
    In other words, prepare for a “boohoo” and a “fuck you” when she does come back

    • Kristen says:

      I agree. I’m tired of the bitching about haters who are fed up with the disappearing act. It’s always fake promises that aren’t fulfilled.

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