NYE Part 1

“Whatcha up to tonight?” Nic was casually rummaging around in our refrigerator so he didn’t get the full effect of the stink eye I had perfected back in high school.

To Jessie’s credit, she didn’t burst into tears. I was actually pretty surprised, considering that was her favorite hobby these days. Arranging her face in a casual manner by the time Nic emerged from our fridge, bottle of Vitamin Water in hand, she looked like a Mona Lisa incarnate.

“Hanging out with a friend, you know, just something low key.” Her smile didn’t give away anything, and if Nic knew about the massive fight between Jessie and Tyler, his face didn’t give it away.

I had invited Jessie out to TJ’s party tonight, but to my surprise, she declined. “I just want to wallow in my own grief for awhile” she had declared. Frowning, I immediately texted Katy to tell her what was up.

Jessie’s determined to be in a sad mood.   I felt guilty as I hit send, but I was hoping that Katy would have something up her sleeve.

No kidding. I asked her to a movie, dinner, drinks, anything and she won’t go. 

Biting my lip, I pondered what to do next.  Before I had a chance to come up with a brilliant idea, another message from Katy popped up.

I’ll drag her over for a girl’s night. Popcorn, sappy chick flick movies, cheap wine – the whole shebang.

Smiling, I thanked Katy. Maybe that was just what Jessie needed.  I felt guilty for not doing more for Jessie, but honestly, I had no idea what to do. She and Tyler were talking, and the wedding wasn’t called off or anything, but they were definitely strained. Strained enough where she was down to seeing Tyler way less and spending more and more time in the lab, doing research. Research on what, I wasn’t exactly sure, but she filled me in on enough that my eyes glazed over and I couldn’t even look at my food the same way.

In her favorite Lululemon pants and baggy U of M sweatshirt, curly hair bushing out behind her head in a tight ponytail, Jessie totally looked like someone who was ready for a girl’s night in. I just hoped Katy could talk some sense into her, because I certainly couldn’t.

“Ready to go, gorgeous?”

Pleased at Nic’s compliment, I gave a little spin, letting the shimmer of the dress catch the kitchen light. Nic let out a low whistle.

“All set!” I beamed, thrilled he had noticed my dress. I saved up for weeks for it, unsure if I should make this big of a splurge, but desperately wanted to look fantastic. Finally, after admiring it online one more time, I bought it at work last week, hitting “send” on the shopping card with shaking fingers. I spent so much money, but it would be worth it when I was wearing the hottest, most unique dress at the party, I figured.

Downstairs, Nic head the door open to the Uber driver’s car and we pulled off. Leaning my head against the back of the seat, I let my my mind wander to the party. I was half thrilled to be going to such an elite party, half pissed that Mallory had weaseled an invitation as well.

My eyes opened when I felt Nic’s hand on my leg. “You looked so serious there for a minute.” He smiled, looking expectantly at me.

Maybe it was the combination of feeling secure for being Nic’s date to such an important party, or the glass of wine I had at dinner, but I felt the words tumble out of my mouth before I could stop them. “I’m excited to go, but I’m afraid Mallory’s going to be a third wheel tonight,” I confessed.

Nic raised his eyebrow.  “Mallory’s a cool girl,” was all he said.

Ashamed, I looked down. “Yes, I know.” I shouldn’t judge Mallory for wanting to get out, I told myself. She was single and gorgeous, surely I shouldn’t begrudge her for wanting to find a good man.

“Besides,” Nic continued, “she’s already on her way. It’d be awkward to tell her not to come…” He held up his phone, and I could clearly see that Mallory had text him, telling him she was almost there.

My eyebrows shot up so high that they almost disappeared into my hair. “She text you?” It came out more of a gasp, and I cringed. How in the hell did Mallory have Nic’s number? Why was she texting my…well… to be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure what Nic was to me. Despite dating and hanging out for the last few months, we didn’t seem particularly exclusive, yet he called me nicknames like ‘his girl’ or ‘gorgeous’ and made a point to see me at least a couple times  a week.

Nic cracked a smile. “Relax. She just wanted to know when we’d be there.”

I nodded numbly, and looked straight ahead. Catching the Uber driver’s eyes in the mirror, she passed me a sympathetic look which, though she meant it to be nice, just made me feel crappier.  Even the Uber driver knew that your boyfriend-slash-whatever he was shouldn’t be having your coworkers text you instead of them. Why Mallory bothered me so bad, I couldn’t quite place but she did.

15 minutes later, we arrived at a gorgeous 2 story house, complete with a circular driveway hidden behind steel gates.

“Wow,” I croaked eloquently, taking in my surroundings. The place was huge with views of the most popular lake in the city from every window. There was no way this place cost under a few mil. No way.

Nic already had the door open, motioning me out. “Come, let’s go!” he was saying. I scrambled out after him.

Nic rapped at the door, and a massive man opened it.

“Names?” he grunted, barely looking at us.

Nic supplied our names as I tried to peer around. No such luck, considering the guy who opened the door was easily 6’8″ and 300 lbs of solid muscle.  I couldn’t see much more than a winding staircase, but I could hear blasting music coming from somewhere.

The man at the door pulled a list out of an inside pocket and peered at it for a moment. After giving us a once over, he finally nodded. “Waivers are over there,” he grunted.

Nic thanked him and lead us over to an end table that held a handful of papers and some pens.

“What’s this for?” I hissed at Nic as he handed me a sheet of paper.

“Waiver. You got to sign it, promising not to disclose any information about tonight, post pictures online, and the like.” My eyebrows shot up as I scanned the document. I had never been asked to sign a waiver like that before just to hang out at someone’s house, but then again, I didn’t have any friends who were NBA stars either. I looked over at Nic, who was already done filling out his sheet and was waiting for me to fill out mine. Shrugging, I signed away without really reading it. It would have been nice to take a few pics for fun, but I wasn’t going to risk making a nice guy like TJ mad.

“Come on, let’s go find Mallory,” Nic said, grabbing my hand.  I allowed myself to be pulled through the state of the art kitchen towards the back of the house. The music got louder as we got closer, and suddenly we were in a room with about 50 other people.

I started to scan the room for Mallory when suddenly I felt a tap on my shoulder. Whirling around, I saw Mallory grinning at me, wagging her fingers.

“There you are!” she exclaimed, leaning forward to give me an air kiss on the cheek.

I was too shocked to respond. There was Mallory, in the exact same dress as mine, only she looked a hell of a lot better in it.

As my mouth opened up and down like a guppy, the only thing I could think of was that she was sabotaging me. Again.
Thank you to everyone who sent me a kind comment. I had a rough couple weeks, but I’m here now. And scheduled 3 more post this week to catch up, so we have that going for us. :)

25 Responses to NYE Part 1

  1. Sarah says:

    Happy to see a new post.
    I think everyone would be a lot more understanding about not posting for a while if you could just give us some heads up. Everyone’s able to understand that real life can suck you in, and that sometimes there’s just no time for anything else than dealing with some real life issues. However, a tiny five minute post saying ‘hey guys, I’m really busy right now/I’ve got something going on, but you can expect to see me posting again on such and such date/or in three weeks /or whatever really’, would pretty much calm everyone down. Because then everyone knows what to expect.
    Of course we don’t need to know what’s going on in your life, that’s personal, naturally. But just a small warning that you’re not going to post for a while and will be back, would make everyone less frustrated. That way we don’t have to keep checking the blog every day, just to be reminded that you made us a promise which you didn’t keep.
    Just my two cents. And please, other readers, don’t start commenting that I’m hating, because I’m not. I’m just trying to explain in a rational way why some people got really annoyed.

  2. jessica says:

    I knew Mallory would do that. Especially since they work together. It would of been easy to look at recently viewed websites and such to copy her. I swear.. Mallory is out to cause drama. Ugh and NIC. wHAT A COMPLETE DOOFUS. texting her and shit. So uncool.

  3. Kristen says:

    Life happens. We all understand that. All we are asking for is the common courtesy of giving us a heads up. “Hey Guys, something came up and I won’t be posting for a while.” You don’t have to get into the specifics. That’s your personal life and we don’t need details. A lot of us are frustrated with your blog because it seems that you keep making promises that you are not met. A few weeks back you said you had reserve posts and wouldn’t fall behind. Now you’re saying that we should expect multiple posts this week. My issue is that you are unapologetic and seemingly smug, taking a dig at frustrated loyal readers that have been concerned about you during your disappearance. There aren’t any apologies and only “thanks to those who have sent me kind messages. I had a rough couple weeks.”

    Wish you would address these issues along with the guest poster who was suppose to post once a week. What happened to her?

  4. B says:

    Wow she deleted the post with all the other comments. Not even going to read this blog anymore.

  5. Over Nic. Was over him a while ago when he got freaky jealous, though. And judgmental of Jessie for proposing to Tyler.

    Mallory just seems like a bitch.

  6. Kelsi says:

    I don’t understand everyone hounding a blogger for not “giving them the courtesy” of telling them not able to post for awhile. This blog is FREE. Be grateful for the posts you do get when they’re there. So you have to check the blog only to find out there isn’t a post- big deal- that only took how many seconds? If it’s an inconvenience then don’t check it anymore. I’m tired of seeing these poor bloggers that write these getting no compensation from their readers getting flack for not being consistent or whatever. If you want something consistent go buy novels.
    I appreciate all the bloggers out there that do share their talents. Some of your readers do simply appreciate for whatever you provide and don’t mind waiting and checking back. You don’t owe us anything.

    • Sarah says:

      As has been explained in the comments on the previous post, she does get compensation. There are ads on this page, making it worth her while that people keep checking back every day. It’s profitable for her.

      • Amy says:

        Perhaps she does make something or maybe allowing them to put up ads counter-acts a charge for using the blog space? You don’t know what her arrangement is. What you DO know is that WE are not paying her. And I would be surprised if she is supporting herself on a blog.

        That being said, love the post and I had a feeling that Mallory was going to be in the same dress. I wish she has pushed or at least mentioned to Nic that it’s totally sketchy that Mallory is texting him rather than her co-worker/friend. The only reason she has any interaction with Nic.

    • Amy says:

      I agree with you Kelsi. While it can be disappointing to not get updates to a story we enjoy reading, until readers have to pay to log-in and read a blog, there is no reason to be rude in the comments to the author. Or say something that you wouldn’t say directly to her face, were she in front of you.

      • Kelsi says:

        I just feel like some of these readers feel like they’re entitled. We do not pay her anything. Clicking a link and seeing nothing posted takes no time at all- they make it seem as if it’s such an inconvenience. If a writer doesn’t have time to do a post they likely don’t want to make the time to have to explain the lack of post.

        • Amy says:

          I agree, but I think we’re in the minority.

          • Stephanie says:

            You do realize that the first half of this blog is available for sale of Amazon in a novel format? And that there are ads on the site? this blogger is definitely profiting from this blog. It sad when so many are ready to defend because they’re afraid of ruffling feathers. I don’t think any of the comments posted are harsh. They are quite reasonable requests. Taking a moment to give your followers a heads up or at least say something of substance about your absence. This is the same writer that had no problem sharing her life in authors corner. It isn’t hard to say even in this post sorry something came up and I couldn’t post. Why is that too much to ask for? I find it amusing that we have readers defending the writer when she can’t even or doesn’t even care to in her defense.

          • minneapplegirl14 says:

            I put that ebook free, basically for publicity, and I provided a free link for everyone. I didn’t make a dime off of it!

            As for making $ off of ads, to be honest, yes, I do. Just enough to pay for the custom URL, server space, and if I’m lucky, a pot of tea or wine while I’m writing at my favorite coffee shop. No Ferarri in the garage (no promises on the Lambo though. lol)

            Truth is guys, honestly, shit happens in life and I was asked not to talk about it. And as for the negative comments, I’m not really in a place in my life to read negative comments bashing me.

            I’m not really cut out to be one of those people who expose themselves online and can take a beating. I’m not a “blogger” in that nature, just an average IT geek who likes to write when they get a chance.

            I’ve recognized I’ll never please everyone, so I don’t read comments once I realize they are going to be negative. The way I figure it is that everyone has a set amount of energy in life and we all decide how we are going to spend it. Negative comments from people who would never say it to my face is not a way I spend my energy. And, for the record, when I said thank you to people, I meant it in a nice way but I guess some people took it wrong. *shrug* I go through life trying my damndest not to gossip, talk badly about others, and think of people in the best light, so when I read stuff I generally read it in a nice tone, but I know that’s not for everyone. Totally cool.

            I’m trying to be better, but sometimes I’m drained of energy, sick, sad, etc etc. Luckily the worst is over, and I’m grateful to have have my awesome friends, family, husband, kid, and all that jazz.

            Let’s make my 2015 a new beginning, eh? I have storages of a good few posts for you guys, plus ideas for the next couple months at minimum.

            Happy reading!

          • Sarah says:

            To the blogger: As I said before, we can all understand that. I mean, everyone’s able to show empathy, but a quick heads up is a way of you showing the same respect for us, your readers. I don’t think that you can say that you have been bashed in any on the comments on this post. The ‘negative’ comments are people trying to explain where the frustration comes from. And the only reason I can imagine not to make a quick ‘hey guys, won’t be able to post for x weeks because of my personal life’ (we don’t need more of an explanation than that, it’s your PRIVATE life, whether people ask you not to talk about it or not) is because you do want us checking back every day to increase the revenue on the ads.

  7. Jackie says:

    Ooooo that Mallory!! She must’ve seen the dress off her work computer!

  8. Jessica says:

    I’m honestly shocked to see a new post up. After you were so heavily bashed in the last post. None the less I’m glad to read your blog, I can’t wait to see where the story goes!

    Ps I’m still waiting for the return of Theo!

  9. mum says:

    So many things I have a problem with –
    1 -Mallory weaseled the invite.
    2 – Mallory texted Nic. Guys are so dense She shouldn’t even have his #.
    3 – Mallory is wearing HER dress. As soon as she said it was unique I knew damn good and well that she would be wearing it, too.

    Girlfriend needs to lay her claim to Nic STAT if that’s who she wants. If not, let him go play footsie with Mallory.

    Like another poster said, I wouldn’t mind seeing Theo again, either 😉 mum

  10. Denise says:

    Welcome back! Happy to see a new post…It took me about 3 seconds to pull it up from my bookmarked sites each day to see if it was there….worth it! Thanks for not letting the negativity keep you from writing for those of us who kept checking in…and signed our names!

  11. Alicia says:

    I try not to be too rude, particularly since my own blog is lacking. BUT anything I say online in general, I absolutely will say to someone’s face. I’m kind of a horrible person…

  12. Ashley says:

    I was so excited to see a new post up! That 3 seconds I wasted everyday pulling your blog up to see if there was a new post up was really starting to stress me out! **sarcasm**

    It seriously amazes me how some people feel so entitled. As it’s been mentioned before, this is a FREE blog for all of us to enjoy. Yes, she does make a tiny profit off of the ads, but this blog is still free to her readers. So no, she doesn’t owe us an explanation as to why she disappeared for awhile. And honestly, if she gave an explanation I can pretty much guarantee that those of you bashing her for not giving one would bash her for making excuses. It’s really a no-win situation for the author.

    If people are really this upset that a blogger isn’t keeping to a specific schedule due to unforeseen circumstances, whatever they may be, maybe those people should get a freaking life! If you’re so upset over a blog that you feel like you need to harass and belittle the author because it took you all of THREE FUCKING SECONDS to check for a new post, i think you need to reevaluate your life choices and maybe start taking some yoga classes to calm the fuck down and realize that there are bigger issues in the world than a blogger not following her schedule for her FREE blog that is for the sole purpose of entertaining all you assholes.

    As it was mentioned in an earlier comment, there is an e-book out on Amazon of some of her earlier posts that costs $2.99. But guess what?! You’re not being forced to purchase it, she isn’t holding a gun to your head, forcing you to buy it to read the earlier posts. You can go back to the very beginning of her posts and read them there, for FREE! Hell, she isn’t even forcing you to stay and continue to read her blog. You’re all choosing to do that of your own free will, even though you are all so clearly unhappy here. It’s like being in a bad relationship…if you’re really that unhappy then leave! At this point, you’re all choosing to stay, knowing that postings can be a bit unreliable. You could choose to leave, but you don’t, so shut your goddamn mouths because really, you’re to blame for your own unhappiness because you could easily walk away since she isn’t meeting your expectations, but you haven’t (and you won’t). So quit your bitching!
    So all of you entitled assholes out there that are bashing her need to get off your goddamn high horse and realize that she is a human. A real person that your nasty comments affect in a real way. And no, she doesn’t owe us an explanation.

    I seriously love your blog and will continue to waste those few seconds every couple of days to check for a new post. Hope all is well and thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to write such an entertaining story!!


  13. Melissa says:

    Wow Ashley. Hypocritical much? The same thing you have accused the commentors of doing (bashing and belittling the writer) is what you are doing to them. In fact, your tirade is worst. Filled with obscenities and name calling. I don’t think it’s unfair to ask for a heads up every now and then. I will admit to being worried about the author when she disappeared a while back. I seriously thought something happened to her. Even this time around I was beginning to wonder the same thing. Do I want to know her life story? No. But it would have been nice to hear that she was okay. That’s what I think most readers want. When you follow a blog you become attached to the characters. With this blog we were attached to the author because she’s been open. To have her disappear was concerning because it wasn’t like her. That’s why readers were worried. Ashley, I think it’s great you want to show your support but you could have done so without attacking everyone who doesn’t wholeheartedly share your sentiments.

    • Ashley says:

      You are correct, I shouldn’t have used obscenities to get my point across. And I definitely shouldn’t have resorted to name calling, it was immature and uncalled for. I just get so frustrated seeing the types of comments readers leave to multiple different blog authors, bashing them for not doing what the readers think they should. I, myself, have a blog and have received similar criticism because readers think I should only be writing about the things they find interesting or that I should change stories to make them more interesting. Which, I refuse to do since my stories are not fiction and by changing them to make them more interesting would be changing the truth. So I let all of my pent up frustration out in this “tirade”, and I do sincerely apologize for the name calling. As for the use of obscenities, well…I cuss a lot in real life and sometimes it just comes out when I am typing, because I write exactly how I would say it if it were in person.

      As for you being concerned about the author, I think that’s great. I, too, was concerned. But the majority of criticism has come from people that were angry that she wasn’t following her schedule and that she wasn’t letting us know that there wouldn’t be a post. And I think that’s ridiculous. I have fallen behind on my posts in the past due to family emergencies, and the last thing on my mind was letting my readers know that there wouldn’t be a post. When that’s happened I really don’t feel like getting on my computer, even just to quickly type out that there wasn’t going to be a post that day. Mainly because I had done that once, and the majority of comments were people pissed off that I wasn’t “keeping my word” and that I was just making up excuses for being lazy, etc… So I can see why she just chose to not say anything. Either way, she was going to upset someone.

      Again, I do apologize to everyone for the name calling. It is just so frustrating seeing all the criticism.


      • Maria says:

        If someone like you is defending the author, you’re making her look bad. Luckily I don’t follow your worthless blog.

        • Ashley says:

          As above, I apologized for my first post. I’m not going to keep apologizing. What’s done is done, and I can’t take it back. It was in the heat of the moment that I wrote that and there are pieces of it I regret. I’m not usually such a raging bitch. So I really, truly mean it when I say that I am sorry for writing what I did and offending people.


  14. Anonymous says:

    I see less comments about people being mad there’s no post then people who were genuinely concerned about the author back during the long hiatus. I think the name calling and constant use of “people feel entitled” is being thrown around too much. bloggers start blogs to get followers and heads up that the blog is still active and that the author is not dead, is not asking for much

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