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NYE Part 2

I stared at Mallory, mouth partially open. I gave her the once over to make sure I wasn’t imagining things. Nope, that was the same dress I was wearing, down to the leather trim and pink accents. The only difference

NYE Part 1

“Whatcha up to tonight?” Nic was casually rummaging around in our refrigerator so he didn’t get the full effect of the stink eye I had perfected back in high school. To Jessie’s credit, she didn’t burst into tears. I was

Blip in the Radar?

“Morning,” I grunted as I shuffled down the stairs. Mom was puttering around the kitchen, and it looked like a pot of coffee was on. Ah. I loved my mom. It was the day after Christmas, and my dad, brother

Author’s Corner – Couple Quick Updates

Couple quick notes here! First, I know that my posting dates have been wonky. Sorry about that – the holidays, plus stopping a job/starting a new one got to me. But I’m settled now. Going forward, I was thinking Wednesdays


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