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In shock, for the first time I noticed Eric’s black Honda, parked a few car lengths from where Theo had just pulled away. Eric and I stared at each other for a solid 10 seconds on the sidewalk before he

Chef Maddie

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My phone dinged. Downstairs! I hurried to the elevator to collect Theo. I debated for at least an hour with Jessie on what to wear for a dinner-at-home date. I didn’t want to look like I was trying too hard

Author’s Corner – Blog share?

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Hey all! Got a blog?  Got a blog you love to read?  Would love it if you shared a link for me (and everyone reading this) so we can check it out too!  Fiction, non fiction, whatever, I don’t care.

Coffee Chatter


Friday night at what was quickly becoming my favorite coffee shop, I asked Katy a question that had been bothering me since the moment I texted her asking to meet up.  Katy was quickly becoming an awesome friend. “Do you

Author’s Corner – A Bit of Random-ness

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Hey guys!  I’m writing on this page for today, though I really do need to sort out where I’ll write going forward.  I’m just doing some random writing today, since I’m sitting in a hotel room in Seattle.  I gotta

Smoothie Samba


Theo and I both stared at my phone. The whole “princess” thing started out as a joke between Eric and me over a slice of cheesecake (long story) but the his timing couldn’t have been worse. I grabbed my phone

Run In

Jamba Juice Stand in Downtown Minneapolis

Normally you need a bullhorn and cold bucket of water to get me out of bed before 6:30am, but a construction crew filling potholes woke me up around 6am on Thursday and I couldn’t get back to sleep.  Deciding to make

Author’s Corner?

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So where did Author’s Corner days go, you ask? Well, I’m still here. But as you noticed, I haven’t posted these types of posts in a couple weeks. After I redid the site (ok fine, hubby redid the site) my


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