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Hash Brown Rehash


“So, who won this weekend?”  Jessie asked as she stabbed at her omelet. “Won?  What do you mean, who won?” She rolled her eyes at me.  “You know.  Eric vs. Theo.” Katy laughed and took a sip of her cabernet.

Author’s Corner Day – A Celebration of Gluttony

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Dinner for Two


Theo was going to pick  me up at 7pm on Saturday night to take me out to his favorite place and the comedy show.  In honor of the occasion, Jessie and I went shopping for new skinny jeans and a

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In the words of the Beastie Boys, ch-check it out!  

Bar None

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“Two dates in one weekend?  Wow!  I’m coming to Minneapolis!”  Kelly let out a low whistle.  I felt awful about not keeping up with my communication with Kelly as much as I should have after I moved.  So, on Thursday during

Coffee Date


My quote-unquote coffee date with Theo this week filled me with a mix of trepidation and excitement.  Analyzing the best days to stop by, I finally decided on Wednesday as it had a more casual vibe than early in the

Thursdays are Author’s Corner Days


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Rules of Engagement


Tyler proposed!?  All of a sudden I remembered the champagne and how nervous Tyler had acted on Sunday.  I involuntarily gave my forehead a little smack, and looked around, hoping nobody noticed.  Oblivious much, Maddie?  It just never occurred to


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