Game Plan

Does anyone ever sleep well in a new place?  I always find it so weird, like the bed isn’t what you are used to, it’s too quiet or loud, the light isn’t the same…I always wake up at odd times of the night or too early in the morning.  At least Jessie’s spare bed is comfortable, and she even has those fancy high thread count sheets I’ve always wanted but am too cheap to buy.

I studied the ceiling for a few minutes, thinking of what I should to today.  For the first time in years, I had no demands on my time, or, a specific plan really.  I thought about the master plan Jessie and I put together last night over a bottle of wine and SATC on DVD.

“Maddie, this is the perfect time to reinvent yourself.  Find a job you really want, not just something to pay the bills.” Jessie had told me, while refilling our wine glasses with white zin, which has always been my secret guilty pleasure.  Don’t judge.

“Easy for you to say.  You’ve been into chemistry since high school.  I’m 24 and still don’t know what I want to do with my life.” I majored in business at NYU, and while I know it’s a great school and all, I didn’t do as much as I should have with internships and networking and never got one of those amazing jobs so many of my classmates managed to snag.  I ended up as an entry-level analyst at a small financial company off Wall Street, and worked 60 hours a week on stuff that literally bored me to tears sometimes.

“Not to mention that I have exactly $3,425 to my name, and most of that was from my damage deposit I got back.  And I eventually want to stop mooching off of you and find my own place.  Maybe.  I have to see how I like it here.”

Jessie took a sip and said “I have to say, you’re right about this stuff.  It’s like drinking juice.  Anyway.  At first, I wasn’t too sure about Minneapolis either.  I mean, I had to get a car, I didn’t have any friends, the city was smaller than I was used too…but it gets better.  Really.  Once you see a summer here, you’ll see why it’s great.  The people here are nice, plus, I met Tyler, and I know he’ll introduce you to some of his friends.” Tyler is Jessie’s boyfriend.  They’ve been together about 2 years now.  I’ve only met him twice, but I liked him well enough. “And don’t worry about finding a place to live right away.  You’re welcome to stay here as long as you need.”  That was nice of Jessie and all, but I had a feeling I’d want my own place within a few months.  I like to have my own space, nor did I want to impose on her.

We discussed some ideas, and put together a list of people she knew at various companies around the area, and googled some networking events I could attend.  I put a note on my to do list to brush up my resume and LinkedIn profile.

I finally got up and took a shower.  Jessie was already at the university, probably looking at some growth in petri dishes.  Or something.  Honestly I have no clue what she does, but she promised she’d bring me by the lab sometime int he next couple weeks.  I contemplated sticking around her apartment to do my job search prep, but knew I wouldn’t get anything done if I stayed there.  I’ve always been the type who can’t study or work at home – too many things to distract me, like Facebook and funny YouTube clips.

“DAMN!” I  yelped as I stepped out of her apartment building into the -40 degree cold.  Technically it was only -15, but the windchill made it much worse.  Don’t tell me people around here get used to this cold.  There is NO.DAMN.WAY. At least Jessie lives in the North Loop area, which has tons of restaurants and cafes within walking distance. “Forbes rated this one of the top hipster neighborhoods in America!” Jessie had told me proudly as we drove up.  Since I didn’t have a car, walking or public transportation was my only options for a while.

I scurried to the coffee shop across the street and ordered a hot tea and scone.  Sitting down at a table the furthest away from the door I could get, I checked my email.  Groupon, Living Social, bunch of LinkedIn notices…then I noticed an email from my mom.

“Hi honey!  Hope you are surviving in Minneapolis.  As much as I hate for you to move so far away, I’m really proud you’re taking this step to reboot your career and maybe love life.  😉 Check out a few of these links below on job searching.  I noticed Target is hiring!”

Below that were some links on resume writing and interview tips.  My mom wasn’t thrilled when I told her I was moving halfway across the country, but she recognized it was a good decision at the time.  I hated my career and my boyfriend of 4 years and I had just broken up 6 months ago.  I had pretty much sunk myself into a depressed rut and a fresh start seemed exactly what I needed.

I spent the next couple hours going through my resume and googling temp agencies to apply at while trying not to freeze.  I really wanted to look around the neighborhood but was unwilling to walk around in this kind of weather.  After finally feeling satisfied with my research, I sent Jessie a text.

“Hey, what time will you be home?  I’ll run to the Whole Foods I saw to get us something for dinner and maybe we can grab a drink at the bar downstairs later tonight to introduce me to the new ‘hood?”

A few minutes later she replied.  “Perfect!  Mind if Tyler joins us?  And maybe his brother? ;)”

Stifling a laugh, I wrote back.  “Subtle, Jess, very subtle.  But, hey, I’m not one to argue.”

May as well get myself acquainted to the city, no?


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  1. Sina Maneno says:

    I love the blog so far but it is so difficult to read it in italics. Could you please change the font? Thanks

  2. xoangelaxo says:

    I really like the blog so far!!! The only weird thing is that both, Maddies ex and Jessies current bf are named Kyle :)

  3. vitor says:

    ola eu adorei o blog mas as letras estão muito pequenas. mas e ótimo

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