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Next Steps

Attention Subscribers! The Minne Apple Girl’s server has changed, and with it, your email subscription!  Please sign up again on the right!  Many thanks! ______________________________________________________ Hey Maddie – Good to hear from you.   I guess I should cut to

The Chilly Freeze

Taking a deep breath, I started to type: Good to hear from you.  The weather here is absolute bullshit (and you know I hate to swear) but there is no other word to describe weather that was -30 F (including

Work It

I stared at my phone, unsure of what to do.  Did I call Kyle back?  Text him back?  Make him wait like he made me wait for weeks?  It was all a jumble in my head, mixed with thoughts of

Dinner Date

Know what’s worse than walking to work in 0 degree weather?  Walking to work when it’s -37 degrees Fahrenheit.  BTW, is it just me, or am I the only person who has trouble spelling that word every time I use


No. That was my first thought when my alarm clock went of this morning. No, no, no. I can’t do it again. Yesterday morning, I headed out the door. When Jessie looked at the papers in the folder Sunday night,

Progress report

Spoiler alert:  I got the job! I think I’m super excited.  I think.  On one hand, I have less than $3000 to my name after I bought some groceries and gave Jessie a pittance for rent.  She had insisted on

On the Hunt

Wiping the slush and snow off my boots on my way in, I noticed a group of girls in perfect dresses and tall boots walking in a group, laughing and holding coffee cups.   Who are those alien women who

Cat Lady

Confession:  Sometimes I daydream about being a cat lady, especially after a particularly long dry spell or bad date.  I mean, it can’t be as bad as people make it out to be, right?  I’d have love, companionship, freedom, they


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