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The (fictional) adventures of a single girl making it on her own in a new city. Come read a new chapter of Maddie`s story every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning!



I texted Joz to let him know I was outside, all the while wondering what the heck I was doing there.  I guess it was mainly because I really had nothing else to do on a Saturday night, and that

Budget Forgettaboutit

Spreadsheet on a computer monitor

I stared at the spreadsheet in front of me, twirling my hair in my finger as my eyes scanned the numbers again.  I just couldn’t make sense out of what I was seeing.  Shaking my head, I pushed my chair



I adjusted my shirt nervously and knocked at the door.  30 seconds later, Sebastian swung it open. He leaned forward and kissed me on the cheek.  ”You’re looking good.” “Thanks,”  I said, trying not to cough from the smell of



I stared at my phone in horror as the MAC counterperson asked if I wanted anything else.  I didn’t blame her, I mean, I was just standing at her register holding my bag and staring.  I’d wonder what was going

Social Media Spill


After the odd date-non-date with Nic, I wandered around downtown a little on my own. Downtown Minneapolis was nothing like New York, but walking along the big buildings, seeing all the people in the streets, and hearing music playing as



A giggle escaped out of my lips and I whipped my head around to make sure Minda couldn’t hear me.  We were on “normal” terms again, but with her temperament?  I never knew what was coming up.  I found it

Author’s Corner – Grocery Shopping

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So I promised to entertain you guys most Fridays with my random mind babbling.  So here I am! Today’s topic….grocery shopping.  Why you ask?  I dunno, I just came from Super Target, so it’s on my mind. I swear, I

Gorgeous View


Pissed off.  That’s what described my mood when I met up with Sebastian that night. “So you’ve been chatting with Kyle about my reaction to his engagement news, huh?”  I tried to speak casually but my insides were raging.  What


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