Minne Apple Girl

The (fictional) adventures of a single girl making it on her own in a new city. Come read a new chapter of Maddie`s story every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning!

Nightly Recap

dark bedroom

I was lying on the beach, my toes in the sand, requite strawberry daiquiri in hand. I stretched out to grab my bottle of suntan lotion, which I religiously apply ever 45 minutes in the sun since I’m terrified of

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Hi all - As many of you know, I was up on the border of MN/Canada (with no wifi or reception!!!) for most of last week and got back late yesterday. I’m starting the new consulting gig today so I

Author’s Corner – Work Stuffs

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So a funny thing happened the other day.  I accepted a job. Wait, hold up, you say?  Don’t you work for yourself, you ask.  Why, yes, yes, I do.  Let me back up here. I have my own business (well,

Real Girls


Nic and I sat on a bench near the lake, watching mini golfers and people on paddleboats in silence for a moment as we ate our cups of gelato. God, I love gelato. This stuff was really good too, all

Show Time


“So, Maddie,” Nikki’s eyes flicked towards Nic to make sure he was listening.  “Theo’s been wondering about you.” A hot flash went through me as Nikki watched, and I knew she got the reaction she wanted.  Well, she sure as

Bocce Drama


“What. The. Fuck.”  My voice was in a loud whisper. “No, you What. The. Fuck.”  Jessie’s voice was NOT at a whisper, and she was seething so hard that I half expected to see foam coming out of her mouth.



I walked through the door and shook the rain off my shoes. Minneapolis was having the rainiest summer in history, and I for one was getting damn sick of it. I started scanning the crowds to see where my friends

Author’s Corner – Road Trip Lessons

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Many Fridays I write a personal post to you guys.  It’s a fun way of getting to know you, and in turn, letting you guys get to know me!  Most people like it, some don’t.  *shrug*  If you don’t, move


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